Home Materials and Academic Achievements of Chemistry Students 

Nja Cecilia Obi, & Ideba, Mary Anari


This research work examined the use of home materials in the teaching of Thermochemistry to SS1 Chemistry students in public and private schools. Home materials used include the following; fermentation fruit juices, heating capacities of wood, induced thermal decomposition of shellfish shell powder, and dissolution of glucose were used for the experiment. A total of 100 senior secondary one chemistry students were involved in the study.  The sample was made up of 60 males and 40 females from two secondary schools in Ikom Local Government Areas in Cross River State, Nigeria. The design for the study was a pre-test post-test control design. Chemistry Achievement Test (Cat) was used to collect data for the study  Kinder Richardson Formula 21 was used to establish the reliability of Cat. The reliability of Cat was 0.84. Analysis of covariance and descriptive statistics was used for data analysis. Findings showed a non-significant difference in the type of school environment and sex. It was recommended that teachers be innovative and resourceful using materials found at home to teach Chemistry concepts. This is so because the type of school environment does not affect learning but rather the materials used in teaching.

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