Cultural Pluralism and Equality: A Precursor for the Development of Nigerian Educational System

Dr Essien E. Essien & Ohanyere C. Christopher


This article looked at the importance of equality and cultural pluralism in the growth of the Nigerian educational system. The relationship between education and culture – including pluralism, cultural equity, and its effects on the advancement of education – is the main topic of this article. In Nigeria, education and culture have long been intertwined, and as globalization picks up speed and the country’s culture becomes more unified, the need to accept variety is becoming more urgent. The categories of┬áculture, cultural pluralism, education, and equality are theoretically examined before being further defined in this context. The conclusion drawn from the examination of this article’s contents is that Nigeria’s educational system has to be reformatted in light of the numerous social, cultural, political, and global developments that are affecting global education. Therefore, a culturally relevant and equitable curriculum is crucial to the success of the educational system. As a nation, Nigeria is urged by the writers to work toward creating an educational system that values social conscience, tolerance, ethics, and a dedication to equality; so as to bring about citizens who are morally upright, democratic, and humane.

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