The Use of ICT in Mathematics Classroom: Implications for National Mathematics Contents Development for Basic Education in Nigeria

Enyekeme O. Ibok; Uwase Uwase Esuong & Victor Alphonsus Joseph


This study reviews ICT and mathematics learning in Nigeria. Available literature shows that even if teachers believe that the use of ICT improves students’ development, they do not incorporate ICT into Mathematics Classrooms or use it in traditional ways to impart knowledge. The effective use of ICT in Mathematics education may lead to more learners’ classroom practices. These changes are widely believed to impact mathematics teaching and learning positively. For example ICT can enrich students’ mathematics learning experience, increase their interest in mathematics and change their attitude towards mathematics. With the proliferation of online e-teaching, flipped classrooms, use of Matlab, Geogebra, simpsonmath, math pickle, SPSS and other mathematics apps, the application of these in the teaching/learning process of mathematics is becoming a new trend in digital learning. This paper is an exposition on some of these apps; the paper recommends, among others, that schools should send their mathematics teachers to workshops in order to update their knowledge on application of ICT in Mathematics classroom.

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