Educational Technology and Primary Education Pedagogy in Post-COVID-19 Era in Nigeria

Dr Uduak Edet Uwe & Abigail Aniefiok Effiong


One of the main goals of educational technology is to provide efficiency and effectiveness to the task of teaching and learning. Educational technology can be conceived of as a science of techniques and methods by which educational goals and objectives are accomplished. Primary education is the fundamental level of education in which subsequent levels built upon. Therefore, it is pertinent to emphasize the pedagogical strategies and techniques at primary education level. Thus this paper focuses on the concept of educational technology, strategies of integrating educational technology in teaching primary education in COVID-19 era, relevance of educational technology in primary education, the concept of primary education, objectives and challenges. Also, the paper highlights the fundamental pedagogy that are appropriate to be used in the teaching and learning in primary education in post COVID-19 era in Nigeria such as the instructional media approach and computer-based instruction and tablet. The article concluded by offering some vital suggestions to relevant stakeholders on the way forward including that government should recruit competent teachers that possess the knowledge on how to impart the right skills and knowledge to the children, while ensuring that post COVID-19 protocols are observed in primary schools.

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