Family Functioning and Adolescents’ Emotional Adjustment: The Moderating Role of Interpersonal Competence

By Dr Emily Oluyemisi Adeniji & Dr Yomi Akindele-Oscar


This study examined the moderating role of interpersonal competence on the influence of family functioning on emotional adjustment of secondary school adolescents in Ogun State, Nigeria. One thousand and eight hundred students were selected (1,800) from senior secondary school students I and II through multi-stage sampling technique. The structured instruments used consisted of Family Assessment Device (FAD), Personal Emotional Adjustment Scale and Interpersonal Competence Questionnaire. Data analysis employed the use of Moderated Multiple Regression Analysis. Findings showed that there was a significant negative interaction effect of interpersonal competence and family functioning on emotional adjustment (Co-eff= -.002; t= -2.942; p<.01). Based on this finding, it was recommended among others that school counselling centres should be well equipped to handle mild and severe psycho-social problems with qualified personnel so that the problem of emotional adjustment could be handled. It was also recommended that counsellors should make use of assessment tools to ensure early detection of students at the risk of, or with psychological problems.

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