Livestock Grazing and Conservation of Biodiversity in Ikom Forest Zone of Cross River State, Nigeria

– ¹Effiom, J. E. & ²Akpama, S. I.


This study examined the relationship between livestock grazing and biodiversity conservation in Ikom forest zone of Cross River State. The Ex-post facto research design was adopted for the study. One hypothesis was formulated to give the study a direction. Through the stratified and purposive sampling techniques, 484 respondents were sampled for the study. The questionnaire was the main instrument utilized for gathering of data. Data collected were subjected to Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) analysis. Finding from analysis of the hypothesis unveiled that there was statistical significant negative relationship between livestock grazing and biodiversity conservation in the study area. By this result, it was concluded that, as live stock grazing increased, biodiversity conservation decreased. Conversely, as live stock grazing decreased, biodiversity conservation increased. It was therefore recommended that sustainable grazing methods like shifting grazing should be adopted by herdsmen and pastoralists in order to give plants the opportunities to recuperate and regenerate.

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