Effectiveness of Community Participation in Rehabilitation Programmes and Counselling in Promoting Psycho-Social Adjustment of Persons with Special Needs in Edo State, Nigeria

Dr Gloria Osagie-Obazee & Dr Comfort Lawani


The study investigated the perception of Special needs pupils on the effectiveness of community participation in rehabilitation programmes and counselling in promoting psycho-social adjustment among persons with special needs in Edo State, Nigeria. The study employed the descriptive survey design approach with a population of 380 pupils. The sample was 120 pupils with disabilities made up of 60 hearing impaired and 60 visually impaired from Ivbiore primary school (school for persons with special needs) in Benin City. An instrument titled Variables of Psycho-social Adjustment of People with Special Needs, with reliability coefficient of 0.74, was used in data collection. The results indicated that the specials needs pupils perceive community participation in rehabilitation programmes and counselling service as being effective in promoting psycho-social adjustment of persons with special needs. The study therefore suggests that effective counselling and joint community participation is needed in promoting psycho-social adjustment for persons with special needs. Attitude acceptance that will help in building the right self-concept and self-esteem in these persons with special needs is also recommended.

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