The Impact of Guidance Services on Students’ Career Awareness among Selected Private Secondary Schools in Kaduna Metropolis

Dr Esther Adebimpe Ogunwole


The study investigated the impact of Guidance services on students’ career awareness in some selected private secondary schools in Kaduna Metropolis. A survey research design was adopted for this study. A sample of one hundred and eighty-three (183) respondents was randomly selected based on the availability of Guidance services in some randomly selected private secondary schools in Kaduna Metropolis. The instrument for data collection was questionnaire which was divided into two sections. Section A consist of bio-data information while Section B sought to establish the impact of guidance services on students’ career awareness. The instrument was the Impact of Guidance Services (Information service on occupation) on Students’ Career Awareness and was developed by the researcher based on literature reviewed. Two hypotheses were formulated and tested at .05 level of significance using ANOVA and t-test to analyze the data obtained. The result of the study revealed that Guidance services have helped in providing some useful information that have enriched the career awareness level of the students. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that school proprietors and proprietresses should make provision for the establishment of effective and functional Guidance and Counselling services in their schools.

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