Effects of Peer Tutoring and Cognitive-Behaviour Therapies in the Reduction of Delinquent Behaviour among Secondary School Adolescents in Bayelsa State

Dr Binebai Stella Asangolo & Esther Tamunoiyowuna Bruce-Agbogidi


The study investigated the effects of Peer tutoring (PT) and Cognitive-Behaviour Therapies (CBT) in delinquent behaviour reduction among secondary school adolescents in Bayelsa State. Two research questions and two hypotheses guided the study. Quasi-experimental research design was used for the study and a sample of sixty seven (67) students in senior secondary school (SS1 & 2) was identified as delinquent (aggressiveness) using Delinquent Behaviour Scale (DBS). Participants were randomized into groups. The experimental groups were treated with peer tutoring and cognitive behaviour therapies for six weeks while the control group received no treatment. The instrument was validated by test experts and the reliability was established, using Cronbach alpha, to be 0.79. Data collected were analyzed with mean, standard deviation and paired t-test. Results showed that, peer tutoring (PT) and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) had significant effect in the reduction of aggressiveness based on their pretest and posttest mean scores. Based on the results, recommendations were made including that students should be equipped with the understanding and skills needed to positively reduce their aggressive behaviour and to learn non-violent options for dealing with situations.

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