Vol. 3 no. 1

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Preliminary pages
Awareness of Menarche among Female Students in Junior Secondary Schools of Calabar Municipal Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria

Dan, Felicia Agbor-Obun (Ph.D), Edet, Itam Ben & Lale, Peniel

Teachers’ Characteristics and Business Studies Students’ Academic Achievement among Junior Secondary School Students in Calabar South Local Government Area

Eunice N. Ajuluchukwu (Ph.D) and Patience U. Ushie (Mrs)

Classroom Environment and SS1 Student’s Report of Avoidance Strategies in Mathematics in Ikom Education Zone, Cross River State, Nigeria

Okri, John Arikpo (Ph.D), Obi, Joy Joseph & Rev. Fr. Peter Anditung

Influence of Self- Concept on the Performance of Secondary School Students’ in Mathematics in Calabar South Local Government Area, Cross River State – Nigeria

Emmanuel Asuquo Edoho, PhD, Opoh David Abua & Udobong David Morrison

Mediation as Conflict Resolution Strategy and Company Workers’ Productivity in Cross River State, Nigeria

Ushie, Godwin B. Ph.D, Ukpanukpong, Fidelis A., Arikpo, Esther Bassey Ph.D, Ekpenyong Violet Oyo (Ph.D) & Mrs. Igbo Regina Andokie

Teachers’ Perception and Utilization of Inclusive, Participatory, Democratic Teaching and Learning Interaction among Social Science Teachers in Senior Secondary Schools: Implication on National Values in Nigeria

Ofem, Kebe Ibor, Kate Ojomah Ukwumaka, Okon, Ekpenyong Ekpenyong

Home Materials and Academic Achievements of Chemistry Students 

Nja Cecilia Obi, & Ideba, Mary Anari

Knowledge and Practices of Personal Hygiene among Urban and Rural Dwellers in Central Cross River State, Nigeria

Dan, Felicia Agbor (Ph.D), Edet, Itam  Ben &  Lale, Peniel

Utilization of Flipped Classroom Blended Learning Strategy among Secondary School Teachers in Calabar South Local Government Area of Cross River State

Ofem, Kebe Ibor,  Ekpo O. Ekpo-Eloma & Ikongshul, Gloria Ukongkwen

Perceived Techniques in Managing Conflict and Workers’ Productivity: Focus on Educational Sectors

Edoho, Glory Emmanuel (PhD) & Ojong Rose Ayiba

Interactive Activation and Competition (IAC) Model as a Metacognitive Strategy and Students’ Academic Achievement in Electrochemistry in Cross River State, Nigeria

Idiege, Kimson Joseph (Ph. D),  Nja, Cecilia Obi (Ph. D) & James, Precious Friday (Ph.D)

Staff Remuneration as Motivational Strategy to Workers’ Productivity in Post Covid-19 Pandemic in Tertiary Institutions in Cross River State, Nigeria

Dr. (Mrs) Love J. Asor & Dr. (Mrs) Glory Emmanuel Edoho

Mathematics Phobia and Effective Learning among Senior Secondary School Students’ in Calabar South Local Government Area of Cross River State

Emmanuel Asuquo Edoho, PhD, Inah Lovina Idoko, Ekunke Anthony Abubu & Robert Onun Igwe

Nigeria’s Digital Divide and the Promise of Offline Internet for Remote Learning for Post Covid-19 Sustainability

Adie, Paul Ingiona, Anthony Etta Bisong (Ph.D) & Otu Michael Obuop (Ph.D)

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