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Authors and researchers are hereby invited to submit quality scholarly articles in areas of science, science related areas, general education and any other discipline for consideration for publication in our peer- reviewed quality journal.

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Science Education (IJSED) has both print and online versions, it is globally visible. Authors will benefit from real time access through the provision of the published articles on our online platform which is open access and free to users/ researchers. Accepted articles will be published online at


Guidelines to Authors

Authors are encouraged to follow the underlisted guidelines:

  • The front page of the article should contain detailed information of the author with functional phone number, email address and affiliates, while the abstract / main article should begin from the second page.

  • The abstract should not be more than 220 words typed in single line spacing with not more than six keywords.

  • The surname of author(s) should be in bold font

  • The main article should not be more than 15 pages

  • New Times Roman font 12 points and double line spacing should be used.

  • Authors should use indented paragraphing style.

  • Articles must be based on well researched empirical studies

  • Position papers must be with appropriate and relevant subheadings, without numbering.

  • Articles must be written in clear and coherent English.

  • The APA (American Psychological Association) referencing style should be used.

  • Articles must be submitted in typed duplicate copies and a soft copy (in a rewritable CD plate).

  • All correspondence should be sent to the secretary or Editor-in-Chief, Interdisciplinary Journal of Science Education (IJSED) Department of Science Education, University of Calabar, Calabar. 

  1. [email protected]

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  • A final corrected copy of an accepted article must be submitted on a CD-ROM or sent by E-mail as an attached file accompanied by N20,000 payable to Science Education Department Account Number: 0110419389 @ Unical Microfinance Bank; University of Calabar.

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Vol. 4 no. 1

Table of contents

Preliminary pages
The Role of Exercise in the Treatment of Dyslexia in Children in Calabar Metropolis, Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria

Joseph Odey Ogabor, Emmanuel Ekawu Ogar, Martina Ayibeya Apie &  Grace Clearance Ataha

Involvement in Conflict Resolution Issues and Job Performance of Academic Staff in Universities in Cross River State, Nigeria

Esther Bassey Arikpo, Ph.D, Olabisi Bella Charles, Ph.D & Edoho Glory Emmanuel, Ph.D

Teachers Variables and Adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as Instructional Teaching Aid in Private Secondary Schools in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State, Nigeria

Dr. Eyong Bridget Etengeneng, Dr.  (Mrs) Etta Idaka Idaka & Dr. Igwebuike, Osedumme

Teachers’ Pedagogy and Students’ Academic Achievement in Tourism in Secondary Schools in Calabar Education Zone Cross River State, Nigeria

Dr.  (Mrs) Etta Idaka Idaka, Dr.  (Mrs) Eyong Bridget Etengeneng & Dr. Igwebuike, Osedumme


Poverty and Self Medication: Implication for Health Seeking Behaviour in Bende Local Government Area in Abia State, Nigeria

Uyang, Francis Abul, Ph.D; Omono, Cletus Ekok Ph.D Abanbeshie Jeremiah A., Ph.D; Uyang, Benjamin Uzembe & Bassey, Augustine Eze Ph.D

Inclusiveness of School Environment: Predictive Factor for Improved Learning Outcome of Students with Physical Impairments in Calabar Metropolis

Dr. Orim, Samuel Orim; Dr. Hisham Aliyu Bacci Mohammed; Udie, Lazarus Ishifundi  & Auwal Umar Salis

Classroom Routine Activities as Predictors of Students’ Academic Achievement  in Mathematics in  Calabar Metropolis of  Cross River State, Nigeria  

Anne Ndidi Meremikwu (PhD); Ibok Ekpenyong Effiong (PhD); Adie Emmanuel Benimpuye; Lovina  Inah Idoko; Okri John Arikpo Ph.D. & Catherine Njong Tawo

Effects of Collaborative Learning Strategy on Students’ Achievement and Retention in Chemistry

Idiege, Kimson Joseph (PhD); Obi, Joy O. & Agiande, Innocent Undie

Influence of School Feeding Programme on Academic Achievement of Primary-3 Pupils in Mathematics in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Anne Ndidi Meremikwu (PhD); Ibok Ekpenyong Effiong (PhD); Adie Emmanuel Benimpuye; Lovina  Inah Idoko; Okri John Arikpo Ph.D. & Catherine Njong Tawo

Insecurity in Nigeria: Implications for Economic Development as Perceived by Senior Secondary School Science Teachers

Dr. Clement M. Dania & Elizabeth Chinyere Oti

Administrative Behaviour and Sport Tourism Development for Poverty Reduction as a Sustainable Development Strategy in Cross River State, Nigeria

Apie Martina Ayibeye; Osaji, NsaghaNkang Ogunjimi, Lucas Olusegun & Emeribe, Victoria Chizomam

Personality Traits and English Language Teachers’ Job Effectiveness in Secondary Schools in Obudu, Cross River State, Nigeria

Napoleon Akongwale; Chinazom Nwankwo; Elizabeth Akongwale & Benadette Odokara

Demographic Determinants of Research Skills Acquisition Among Postgraduate Students in the University of Calabar, Nigeria

Veronica Akwenabuaye Undelikwo; Ibok, Ekpenyong Effiong & Lilian Otu Ubi

Social Variables and Umbilical Cord Management: Perception of Nursing Mothers in Calabar Education Zone, Cross River State, Nigeria

Apie, Martina Ayibeya; Felicia Agbor-Obun Dan, Ushie Akpa,; Osaji, Nsagha Nkang; Pauline Ekun Ekuri, Levi Udochukwu Akah & Felicia Achi Abeng,

Cultural Arts and Sustainable Economic Development in Cross River State, Nigeria

Ephraim, Idongesit Emmanuel, Ph.D.; Egbonyi, Etuki Eborty, Ph.D. Ambe, Benjamin Ayua, Ph.D.; Omoogun, Remi Modupe, Ph.D. & Onnogen, Usang Nkanu, Ph.D.

Cultural Festivals and Sustainable Economic Development in Cross River State, Nigeria

Egbonyi, Etuki Eborty (PhD); Ephraim, Idongesit Emmanuel, Ph.D Omoogun, Remi Modupe, Ph.D; Ambe, Benjamin Ayua, Ph.D & Onnogen, Usang Nkanu, (Ph.D.

Effect of Concept Mapping Strategy on the Academic Achievement of Post Basic Students’ in Mathematics in Obudu Education Area of Cross River State, Nigeria

Adie Emmanuel B, Inah Lovinah Idoko; Ibu Priscilia Nkow

Anditung Peter Agbudu & Igyo C. O.

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